New mortgage provider Woonnu stimulates sustainable housing market

Woonnu is a new mortgage provider on the Dutch market with the aim of helping consumers to make their homes more sustainable. Our online sustainability check shows at a glance the possibilities, investment and payback time before the mortgage is taken out. Woonnu takes the worry out of the implementation and rewards sustainable living with an attractive interest discount from energy label B.

Part of Nationale-Nederlanden

With its independent subsidiary Woonnu, Nationale-Nederlanden Bank is responding to the increasing demand from both consumers and mortgage advisers for sustainable and contemporary solutions in the housing market. Woonnu is one of the initiatives with which Nationale-Nederlanden is fulfilling the financial sector's commitment to the Dutch climate agreement. Woonnu makes it easier for consumers to contribute to a better environment.

Woonnu provides mortgage solutions for the purchase and/or sustainability of homes and rewards sustainable living with a discount on the mortgage interest rate. Woonnu is a hybrid management platform that allows institutional investors to enter the Dutch mortgage market. Financing does not only come from investors. Nationale-Nederlanden itself is also an investor. The Woonnu platform gives investors the opportunity to work together to accelerate the greening of the Dutch housing market.

Woonnu and more sustainable living

'At Woonnu we believe that more sustainable living should be possible for everyone. That's why we relieve consumers and mortgage advisors of their worries with our sustainability check,' says Patricia Plass, director of Woonnu. It is also possible to receive a tailor-made advice report from an independent sustainability partner. With guarantees about the exact investment and the energy label to be achieved. This partner can implement the measures and offers assistance in applying for subsidies and arranging the new energy label. 'This is how we can make the Dutch housing market more sustainable together'.

Interest discount from energy label B

Reducing the energy bill and increasing the value of the home are important reasons for consumers to become more sustainable. In practice, saving on energy bills often proves to be an uncertain factor. Woonnu wants to help consumers take action and therefore offers an interest rebate on top of relieving their worries. This applies from energy label B during the entire term and for the entire mortgage. In addition, the Woonnu mortgage has other relevant characteristics such as automatic interest rate reduction at a lower risk class.

Applications via the independent mortgage advisor

Woonnu will be offered from 17 August 2020 via a number of independent advice chains and service providers. Thanks to the guarantees of the sustainability report, advisors have insight into the total financing needs of consumers when applying for the mortgage.

Team Woonnu

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