Sustainable living possible for everyone

Woonnu makes sustainable living possible for everyone.

  • Discount on interest from energy label B and above
  • Free online sustainability assessment on your home
  • One-stop shop to make your home more sustainable

Attractive interest rate and sustainability discount

In addition to an attractive interest rate, Woonnu also offers you a sustainability discount from energy label B and above. This is a discount on your interest rate that reduces your monthly mortgage payments. As the energy label of your house improves the discount increases, lowering your monthly expenses.

This is how Woonnu rewards sustainable behaviour. For example, if you make your home more sustainable by improving from energy label C to a label B, you’ll already start receiving a higher percentage discount. If you then invest in more sustainable measures to reach an A energy label, your discount will increase again.

Discount based on your energy label

How does it work?

With Woonnu you can make your home more sustainable in three clear and concrete steps. You’ll get instant insight into the possibilities and the investment required to make sustainability improvements on your home. This provides clarity in advance, so that sustainability can immediately become part of your remodelling budget. And you can easily include it in your mortgage as energy-saving facilities!


  1. Online tool (de Verduurzamingscheck)
    Use our online Verduurzamingscheck to get instant insights into how you can make your house more sustainable. 

  2. Personalised sustainability report
    If you are interested in the outcome of the online tool, Woonnu offers you a personalised sustainability report. Provide your contact details and an advisor from Susteen will come to your home and deliver the report after one week. Included in the sustainability assessment is a guarantee from Susteen on the required investment amount and on achieving the advised energy label.

  3. One-stop shop
    Susteen is the one-stop shop for advice and installation of measures so that sustainability is easy, transparent and professional.

Who is Woonnu?

Woonnu B.V. is a Dutch mortgage provider founded in 2020 and is an independent subsidiary of Nationale-Nederlanden Bank N.V. (NN Bank).

Woonnu offers mortgage solutions for the purchase of homes and rewards sustainable living with a discount on mortgage interest rates. Our mission is to make the Dutch housing market more sustainable. Therefore, we reward our customers who adopt sustainable measures making their homes more sustainable by increasing the sustainability discount on interest of homes with energy label B or higher. Sustainable living starts now.

For more information go to: NN Group - Our brands (

Find a mortgage advisor

Woonnu works with independent mortgage advisors.
Perhaps you would like to buy your (sustainable) dream home, but there are more fun things than diving into mortgages. A mortgage is a complex product and someone who is not familiar with this type of product can easily overlook things or miss out on important aspects. Woonnu works with independent mortgage advisors because they take an objective look at which mortgage product suits you, now and in the future.

The mortgage advisor makes financial risks and consequences clear and can integrate sustainability in their advice. Whether you are buying a sustainable house, buying a house and want to make it more sustainable (and possibly have this co-financed), a Woonnu mortgage suits you. A good mortgage, without the hassle. Find an independent mortgage advisor near you.

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